Frequently asked questions

1. Will you charge for contest4kids registration?

No, contest4kids registration is absolutely free.

2. Can I able to participate in the competition after registration?

No, You must update your profile details on the settings page before participating in a contest.

3. Why do you want me to provide my personal details on the settings page?

You must be under 17 years old to participate in a competition. Our algorithm will calculate your age based on your date of birth which you provide on the settings page. We will ship gifts to your address if you won in a competition that's why we are asking you to update your personal details.

4. Will you share my personal details with other marketing-related companies?

Defiantly not, we promise we will not share your personal details with others.

5. Do I need to pay for participating in the competition?

Yes, you need to pay a small amount of registration fee.

6. Why do you want me to pay the registration fee?

We will use the registration fee for purchasing the gift items for winners and a small percentage for the server and maintenance of the software.

7. What will happen if I upload other's image/work for participating in a competition?

We will remove you from the contest and you are disqualified to participate in our future competitions. At any point, if we know you won the competition by cheating, we will remove your online certificate without any notification.

8. How important to share my participation with my friends and family?

Winners will be selected based on the maximum votes they get so you will get a chance to win if you share and ask your friends and family to support you by voting.

9. How winners will be selected?

Who received the maximum votes will be selected as the winner so share your participation contest link with your friends and family to vote

Contact us, if you found not the right answer or do you have another question?